What we Do!

Promotion of Youth Culture for Engagement and Empowerment

Artistic Development

Identifying and grooming talented young people and giving the opportunity to use their own art, media, communication styles and ideas to make a difference in their homes, schools, and communities.

Social Innovation

Using the energy and power of popular youth culture to bring about social transformation and development. Through this initiative, young people are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools that enable them to become social development agents and successful citizens.

Talent Promotion

Creating platforms to promote and market talented young people so that they can earn a living and also contribute towards sustainability and growth of JIBILIKA

10th JIBILIKA FESTIVAL a huge success

10th JIBILIKA FESTIVAL a huge success

Zimbabwe recently hosted a unique dance festival in the capital Harare. Youth groups battled it out on the dance floor at the Jibilika festival, which offers a ray of hope to some of the country's young people. The two day Festival aims to enhance cultural appreciation & youth engagement.

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